Showcase yourself and connect.
Highlight your skills effectively and connect with others in your marketplace.

Let the work find you.

Experience the value of the community.

Our services and solutions help you find employment in a field that you are interested in and best suit your goals. We can communicate directly with employers and decision makers to either create or find opportunities that meet their needs and yours.

Utilize networking to improve your position.

Having the right connections can be one of the primary deciding factors to whether you are able to reach the goals you have set out to accomplish. Connect with like-minded individuals for optimal results and achievements.

  • Find employment and generate income
  • Start and promote your own business
  • Build a reputation as an expert in your field
  • Find the right information, products and services
  • Showcase yourself and your skill set
  • Share your expertise and knowledge

80% of jobs are acquired through networking and meaningful connections.

Earn and succeed within the area of your interest or industry.

There is nothing more liberating than earning an income doing what you love. You can utilize our solutions to find leads, jobs and projects, collaborate with communities or create your own platform to communicate your interests and goals, with unlimited potential.

  • Greater control over your professional image, business, data and content
  • Tools, services, marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Get leads and potential customers
  • Work collectively with the community to build, contribute and share

Find, share and connect.

Looked™ is about bringing the best of the things that matter the most to you closer - in a simpler, effective and meaningful way, that minimizes the cost of your resources. It is about individuals that share common interests, working together to progress and navigate through the challenges they face. It is about using a variety of resources and tools available in the best way possible to come up with solutions to problems both large and small. We are about doing what you would do naturally and better when making a decision.

You can join and be part of the community by providing products, services, knowledge and skills that are truly helpful to others looking for solutions.

Join and become a contributing member of the community!